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What would be the best way of selecting an item in a QT combo box out of a prefined list of enum based unique values.

In the past I have become accustomed to .NET's style of selection where the item can be selected by setting the selected property to the item's value you wish to select:

cboExample.SelectedValue = 2;

Is there anyway to do this with QT based on the item's data, if the data is a C++ enumeration?

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You lookup the value of the data with findData and then use setCurrentIndex

QComboBox* combo = new QComboBox;
combo->addItem("100",100.0);    // 2nd parameter can be any Qt type
combo->addItem .....

float value=100.0;
int index = combo->findData(value);
if ( index != -1 ) { // -1 for not found
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+1, you should mention how to set the data though. – Frank Osterfeld Dec 3 '10 at 6:40

You can also have a look at the method findText(const QString & text) from QComboBox; it returns the index of the element which contains the given text, (-1 if not found). The advantage of using this method is that you don't need to set the second parameter when you add an item.

Here is a little example :

/* Create the comboBox */
QComboBox   *_comboBox = new QComboBox;

/* Create the ComboBox elements list (here we use QString) */
QList<QString> stringsList;

/* Populate the comboBox */

/* Create the label */
QLabel *label = new QLabel;

/* Search for "Text2" text */
int index = _comboBox->findText("Text2");
if( index == -1 )
    label->setText("Text2 not found !");
    label->setText(QString("Text2's index is ")

/* setup layout */
QVBoxLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout(this);
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