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Is that possible to check the no. of spaces in current line of the richtextbox with its text changes event... for example

lin1: word1 word2 word3
lin2: word1 word2 word3 word4

when i type space after word3 it shows me message that you cannot enter word4
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First off, use this TextBox extension and apply it to your RichTextBox(see code below, complete version findable here)

public class TextBoxExtension : TextBox
 public TextBoxExtension (){ }

 public int CurrentLineIndex
    get { return this.GetLineFromCharIndex(this.SelectionStart) + 1; }

Then do the following:

int maxWordsAllowed = 4;

private void textChangedEventHandler(object sender, TextChangedEventArgs args)
    //This get the space character count in your current line 
    if (myRichTextBox.Lines[myRichTextBox.CurrentLineIndex].Split(' ').Length - 1) > maxWordsAllowed )
      MessageBox.Show("Reached Maximum Words for that line");    
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