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Its actually the first time I tried to write a plugin for wordpress so my knowledge about it is really limited.

As far as i know, there is such a loose rule in wordpress' theme creation that whenever you create themes, you need to be widget friendly. That is as far as i understood it, you're theme must support widgets, that is your theme allows for widgets to be dragged-and-dropped somewhere.

Unfortunately, not all themes really follow the said rule as some theme's sidebar uses <div>'s while some use the more standard <ul>'s.

So, my question is the other way around. I want to know if there is a hook of some sort that allows me to find out the sidebar's layout. And after finding that out, how do i display my widget to follow that layout?

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Really the best thing to do would be to follow conventions and, most important of all, not incorporate any custom, inline styles that could clash with the selected theme.

If you're making a list of items then using a ul or ol is appropriate. Wrapping the whole thing in a div and giving it either a unique id or allowing the user to select an id could be helpful.

Any information you could find out using hooks would be rather limited since style information is almost exclusively contained within the CSS files. You should instead write the widget generic enough and without any inline styles so that it fits reasonably seamlessly within any theme.

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