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I have two tables :

VOTE with fields pk:id, fk:uid, date and SUBMISSION with fields pk:id, ....

Tables have 1to1 relation on uid<-id fields. How I can now query for :

  • list of objects together with their score
  • list of 10 top rated objects ordered by score ?
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    SELECT s.*,
           COUNT(*) AS cnt
INNER JOIN VOTE v ON s.id = v.uid
  GROUP BY s.id
     LIMIT 10

Without ORDER BY and GROUP BY clauses you'll just retrieve all the submissions with votes count.

But I highly recommend you to create votes_count field in the SUBMISSION table and maintain it with trigger/code to store the precalculated count of votes there.

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I'll think about it, thanks ! –  decarbo Dec 3 '10 at 2:47

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