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We are using Maven and Spring and current execute our tests by using System properties and test with this line.

mvn -Ddbuser=username -Ddbpassword=password test

In the past I had utilized environment variables but I read that support was going away in maven so figured it may be a bad practice.

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The best practice is for your unit tests not to hit actual databases. Mock or fake all activity at the database seam. Unit tests need to run fast. Integration tests may hit databases, but not unit tests. – Asaph Dec 3 '10 at 4:10
@Asaph: Your comment is absolutely true for unit tests. However the question is valid for integration tests. I'll edit the title and tags accordingly. – Johnsyweb Dec 3 '10 at 4:38

You could store the password as property in the settings.xml file. Now, if storing it in a clear text bugs you as much as me, there is the --encrypt-password option for the maven that you can then store the password in the settings.xml encrypted in a profile, server, or some other section for use in your integration tests. Here's the link to the documentation on how to configure this:

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