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In microsoft excel vba, I am attempting to assign hyperlinks and/or actions to shapes I have drawn. Here is roughly what I have tried (uncomment only one line at a time)

Basically, what I want to do is allow users to get more information by clicking on a shape object. Hyperlinks are fine, but some kind of event handler which accepts parameters would be ideal. I will be creating hundreds of these shapes, and they need to link to unique places in the document.

  Dim destinationHyperlinkCell as Range
  set destinationHyperlinkCell = Range("10:10")
  ' (do some stuff here)...
  With Sheet1.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, _
                      600, _
                      600, _
                      300, _
    .TextFrame.Characters.Text = "Test this thing"
    .Name = destinationHyperlinkCell.Address & " group of shapes"
    '.Hyperlink.Address = destinationHyperlinkCell.Address
    '.Hyperlink.Range = destinationHyperlinkCell.Address
    '.OnAction = "'showDebugMsg """ & .Name & """'"
  End With
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use "Assign Macro ..." to define a macro to each shape which fires on "Click"

You can use the same macro for each shape and use the Application.Caller property to get the name of the shape which fired the macro. Then you have all the ingredients to write an intelligent handler - like a (hidden) Excel table that resolves shape name into an URL, text or whatever

Sub Shape_Click()
    MsgBox "Co-Cooo! from" & Application.Caller
End Sub

Hope that helps

Good luck - MikeD

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Thanks! With the Application.Caller I have the flexibility I need. Now the code above is " .OnAction = Shape_Click() "... – Kimball Robinson Dec 3 '10 at 18:07

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