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How to make generic installation for my C# program, that will work on Win XP, Win 7 32bit and Win 7 64bit ?

I need that all the related components (like Framework... Crystal Reports...MDAC....) will be include and will install only the program that the OS is missing

Thanks in advance

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What version of Visual Studio are you using? It matters, because if you're using Express, you're going to need a 3rd party tool If you're using Professional or higher, you can just create a Setup project as described here:


if you weren't worried about required components, of course, you could just do an XCOPY deployment, but since you specifically need your prerequisites included with the install, you need to use a tool like the setup project 9which creates an MSI file) or using a third party tool like Installshield.

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i think

1- Create 3 separate packages for (Win Xp,Win7-32 , Win7-64)

2- Ask user if user is downloading from the website and push require download from the server. Alternatively , you can write a samll silverlight based application to get the details of user machine.

3- If 2 point is not true than while installing on a user machine get the details first and choose manually which pakage to install.

why i am telling to create specific package because of Microsoft issues pathches time to time and you may need to change the package so keep it seperate will definately help you.

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