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Windows 7(?) introduced a new message box feature (I'm not sure what it is called so I've uploaded a picture). How can I create such a box in C# with WinForms?

Windows new message box

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TaskDialog is available in the Windows API Code Pack: code.msdn.microsoft.com/WindowsAPICodePack – Hans Passant Dec 3 '10 at 19:56

Here is a code project article: Task Dialog WinForms

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You can find all about it in MSDN.

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Hello there is a library with all vista and win7 dialogs:


The downside is that it requires full .Net not just client profile.

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As Hans Passant pointed out, the TaskDialog .NET API is provided by the Windows API Code Pack. There is an interesting article (German) about task dialogs and other functionality provided by the API.

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