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i have a csv file that i'm interest and the date format is 20-Nov-2010 how do I format it for insertion into mysql accepted format for a field with Date as its type?

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Andreas' answer is a bit terse - in PHP this will return a string which you can splice into your query:

$d=date("Y-m-d", strtotime("20-Nov-2010"));
$qry="INSERT INTO sometable (adate) VALUES('$d')";

But if you omit the punctuation, you can ad it without the quotes:

$d=date("Ymd", strtotime("20-Nov-2010"));
$qry="INSERT INTO sometable (adate) VALUES($d)";

A drawback of this approach is that strtotime() tends to always return some sort of date value - and sometimes not what you expect.

However you could do the parsing in MySQL, which is a lot more strict:

 $qry="INSERT INTO sometable (adate) VALUES(STR_TO_DATE($d, '%d-%b-%Y'))";

But remember to check for errors when mysql tries to parse the date.

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date("Y-m-d", strtotime("20-Nov-2010"));
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