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I'm trying to search for a way to easily modify xml in php. The PHP documentation is very confusing regarding how to easily manipulate xml. I like how SimpleXml allows for easily finding tags/attributes, but it doesn't seem to allow you to easily add child trees, or replace existing ones.

Any suggestion on what to use?

My use case includes:

  • Finding specific tag elements with specific attributes.
  • Replacing a found element subtree.
  • Using child trees which were generated from xml text.
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possible duplicate of Best XML Parser for PHP and PHP what is the best approach to using XML? – Gordon Dec 3 '10 at 7:43
Class for simple XML parsing: – Dec 3 '10 at 8:08
Your use cases are very vague, can you give some more details? – salathe Dec 3 '10 at 10:28

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I use XPATH and SimpleXML to change my file. A little example...

The xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<forum uri="">

    <item id="1">
        <title>First Post!!!</title>
        <description>hello I'm fabio</description>

    <item id="2">
        <title>Re: Second post!!!</title>
        <description>2nd good message.</description>

And PHP handler:


$forum = simplexml_load_file('forum.xml');

/* some xpath EXAMPLES */   
/* catch all items in forum */
$result = $forum->xpath('/forum/item');
/* catch all links */
$result = $forum->xpath('//link');
/* search for "Re:" in title and returns the item's id */
$result = $forum->xpath('//item[contains(title, "Re:")]/@id');
/* catch > 10 length items and returns the item's title*/
$result = $forum->xpath('//item[string-length(description) > 10]/title');

$forum->item[1]->title['url']   = "";     /* this add a an attribute */
$forum->item[0]->foo            = "newnode";            /* this add content */
$forum->item[0]->foo['attrib']  = 10;                   /* this add a another value */
$forum->addChild('element_name', 'value');              /* this is a new element /*

 /* delete value */

// XML rendering
echo $forum->asXML();
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i have used sometime the SimpleXML to read XML files from PHP and the DOM to create them, i let you here a couple of nice liks about the matter.


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