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I have table TB1 which has the following cols:

ID        |    date  
1         |    12-JUL-10
2         |    12-JUL-10
3         |    12-JUL-10
4         |    12-JUL-10
10000     |    12-JUL-10


ID        |    date  
1         |    12-JAN-09
2         |    12-JUL-09
3         |    12-JUL-09
4         |    12-JUL-08
5800      |    12-JUL-08

How to update the table2's date which has similar ID as table1.

Thanks :)

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In general

   UPDATE table2 t2
       SET date_col = (SELECT t1.date_col
                         FROM table1 t1
                        WHERE =
        SELECT 1
          FROM table1 t1
         WHERE = )

If you can be guaranteed that every ID in table2 exists in table1 (or if you want the date_col set to NULL if there is no match), you can eliminate the WHERE EXISTS. But generally you only want to do an update if there is a matching record.

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Thanks alot dude, working :) – Mohamed Saligh Dec 3 '10 at 9:07

Then there is also using an inline view for the update. This is slightly trickier to get right because I think it requires a primary key to exist on both sides of the join otherwise it fails with an error.

update (
  select as t1_id, 
    t1.value as t1_date, as t2_id, 
    t2.value as t2_date
    table1 t1
    join table2 t2 on ( =
 set t2_date = t1_date
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