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I have gotten everything working for my class in which I am using Tomcat and Eclipse to write java servlets. What I would like to know is why eclipse seems to give me problems when I try to edit the servlet-name in the web.xml file. Does eclipse not allow you to edit this file?

I know that it automatically adjusts the file to include the servlets that you add to a project, but can't I edit it manually? I can go in and change the servlet-name, but then it doesn't work with the new servlet name. I can do this all manually without eclipse, and it works just fine.

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Its been a while since the last time I developed a servlet but I think you should reference your servlet name in your servlet mapping.

This link might help you.

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I feel silly now, I do have to change the name in the servlet definition in the web.xml AND the servlet-mapping definition too. Those both have to have the same servlet-name. Thanks for slapping me upside the head :) –  Danielle Jan 12 '09 at 3:58
Don't worry it happens to all of us... :) –  Igor Zelaya Jan 12 '09 at 3:59

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