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I'm looking for a multilingual shopping cart. It can be hosted or open source or commercial.

It can be in any language.

I've been looking at shopping carts and they all support multiple languages, but what I am looking for is one where you can enter 1 product and then for that product enter separate description, price, etc for each language. Then in the shopping interface it displays the language which the user chose to view.

So far I have only seen shopping carts that can be different languages, but not more than 1 at the same time. So you need to have 1 shopping cart per language with duplicate products.

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Have a look at nopCommerce - www.nopCommerce.com –  and.maz Apr 17 '12 at 14:50

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Are you asking this question as a merchant or as a developer?

This prototype is multilingual, including product options: http://www.altipoint/demo_ecommerce

It permits several pictures for each product, with an image gallery. Each image can have its own title and legend in the corresponding language. http://www.altipoint.ch/demo_product

The prototype allows both Ajax-refresh cart view embedded into the page (see 1st hyperlink),or more detailed cart views in a Thickbox (see 2nd hyperlink).

Currently the front-end is truly multilingual, but the backend is not. Translations are currently imported though csv files.

If you're a merchant with a limited set of products that do not change too often, I can already provide this multilingual cart as service. Else, you'll have to wait more until I can complete the developement of a translation manager that is easy to use.

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