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I've written the following preg_replace function:

function my_foo($bar) 
  $bar = preg_replace(
    '"<a href=\"http://blah.com/$1\" title=\"$2 On blah\">$2</a>"', 
  return $bar;

So anything wrapped in [blah=boob]Boo[/blah] turns into a link: blah.com/boob

Now I would like to take $1 and do something else with it, how would I go about using $1 or $2 from that preg_replace in other parts of my script?

As always, thank you for any feedback.

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You can use preg_replace_callback to call a custom function and pass the matches as array. In such a function, you can "export" those matches to access them from other parts of your script.

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preg_match() allows to set an optional parameter, that takes all matches.

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