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Hello all I want to amend some of my last year’s assignment and exam papers so I can use them again this year after making updates. Any suggestions how to update preprinted material?

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Why do you keep asking questions like this, even though they keep getting closed? – skaffman Dec 3 '10 at 10:12

Use it as a good excuse to boost your typing speed? Or you could always hire me to retype it. I can type somewhere between 110 and 120 words per minute. Pay is negotiable.

Yeah, that or some quality OCR software.

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hm... some kind of OCR application?

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Some choices:

  • Scan, OCR, Edit, Print
  • White-out and cute-and-paste with scissors and glue?
  • Go to the original files, edit and re-print?
  • Bite the bullet and re-type them in - pay a good typist to do it, and it won't take long.
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