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I changed my converter from IValueConverter to IMultiValueConverter : Previously I converted int to string :

[ValueConversion(typeof(int), typeof(string))]

But now I convert an int and a double to a string.

How should I specify my ValueConversion attribut now ? I have two input and one output now.

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I dont think you can use ValueConversionAttribute with an implementation of IMultiValueConverter

I think ValueConversionAttribute is primarily used for design-time support and MultiBindings dont seem to make much sense in this context

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So bad that there is no MultiValueConverter attribut. – Nicolas Dec 4 '10 at 23:35

I've never seen ValueConversionAttribute applied to IMultiValueConverter implementing class. And there is no appropriate attribute for this kind of converter in System.Windows.Data namespace. You can safely omit the attribute at all.

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