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I'm upgrading my project to rails 3.0.1 , i have used paginate_all_by_something in the controller in rails 2.1.1 and rails 2.3.8 working fine but in rails 3.0.1 it displaying the undefined method `paginate_all_by_receiver_deleted' for #

error like this

If anybody faced like this problem kindly help me.

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It might be because of backwards incompatibility of new version of will_paginate (~>3.0). Read here for further details.

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Thank you for the reply Did any alias method is there for paginate_all_by_something in will paginate 3.0? Did anybody got the same type of issue while using will paginate in rails 3 version . Any suggestions ? – user531832 Dec 6 '10 at 5:59

You can use paginate on collections instead like this:

User.find_all_by_receiver( receiver_id ).paginate

So it's up to you how you construct the collections.

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