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I'm looking to develop an iphone app using flash. I understand Apple are allowing apps made using flash into the appstore...

I don't own a mac, I'd be doing this on Windows. But to get it to the appstore, I'd need to enroll as a registered developer.

Before I spend money to do this, can I a) upload test apps via Windows? b) submit to apple from windows?



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No to both of those (AFAIK). I think you will need a mac to upload your app to itunes connect.

I'm also pretty sure that the toolkits that build flash iPhone apps will use the command line compiler from a mac as well to build the final binary so I'm not sure that you can even develop the app without a mac.

Sorry for the bad news :(

PS I'd love someone to correct my answer - I'd like people to be able to build on any platform they wanted but I can also see why apple don't want this :)

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Thanks for the quick offense, I hope you're wrong :) – James Porter Dec 3 '10 at 11:17
Stop the press, this link suggests that you can!! "Developing iOS Applications on Windows" – James Porter Dec 3 '10 at 12:21

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