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in my domain class I have an integer which is being populated from form. if user enters any digit , it will be validated and if he leaves the input box empty, it will default initialize to 0

so far I have done the first part with

@NumberFormat(style = Style.NUMBER)

How to go about default initilizing it to 0?

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If youfr probldem is that the default value is 0 when the user does not enter anything in the box, set a validator for the accepted range, and initialize it to a number outside that range. If all numbers are acceptable, change it from an int to an Integer, and use @NotNull.

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How about assigning the field an initial value?

If the field is of type int it automatically has a value of 0.

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Just do:

validation rules
private int numberToValidate = 0;
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no need to assign 0. It is the default value. –  Bozho Dec 3 '10 at 14:02

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