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{if isset({$LANG.domainmoreinfo}){$LANG.domainmoreinfo}{/if}

This seems to be an incorrect syntax, can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?

Can't we apply a isset on "$LANG.domainmoreinfo" (thing :s) perhaps? (yes, I'm that newbie)

Update: This is a string (so I believe), if that's the case, then, I can't use isset and I should use something that verifies is length?

Thanks a lot,

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i think you don't need to use {} for variable in a condition,

{if isset($LANG.domainmoreinfo)}
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Try this:

{if isset($LANG.domainmoreinfo)} {$LANG.domainmoreinfo} {/if}

I think there was an issue with your curly braces, not necessary within the isset() condition as @kinnou02 said because the statement is already being processed by smarty due to the curly brace right at the start of the if

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Your syntaxes are equal, I voted the first one. Thanks for that {} comment. I will mark as usefull. – MEM Dec 3 '10 at 14:27

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