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I ran into problem:


And when I replay then I call this DAO method with then I get

Unexpected method call save(someObj1, someObj2) 
save(someObj1, someObj2): expected: 1, actual: 0

someObj1 from unexpected call equals to someObj1 from expected call and elements are even in same order.

At first I solved this that way:


but now I have to test that does my service class calls with collection containing exactly 2 elements, so the isA(Collecion.class) doesn't work anymore.

How to solve this problem? Than You.

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The problem may be that the first someObj1 and second someObj1 have the same toString (so appear the same) but they are not equals() == true.

I would check that the elements of the collections will be equal for your content.

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Yes, someObj contains org.joda.DateTime type variable and that causes problems because it doesn't have hasCode and equals methods.. – vrm Dec 3 '10 at 13:30

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