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If I use global stylesheet ( [TTStyleSheet setGlobalStyleSheet:[[[StyleSheet alloc] init] autorelease]]; ) than I don't see any thumbnails in TTThumbsViewController.

I specify these styles for TTThumbsViewController:

- (UIColor *)navigationBarTintColor;
- (UIColor *)backgroundColor;
- (UIColor *)tablePlainBackgroundColor;
- (UIColor *)tableHeaderTintColor;
- (UIColor *)thumbnailBackgroundColor;

If I set thumbnailBackgroundColor to grayColor I see gray rectangles in the controller but no downloaded images.

If I comment use of global stylesheet I see thumbnails correctly.

I tried use stylesheet in TTControl demo app and TTThumbsViewController behave same as in my app.

Here is screenshot from TTControl demo app:

enter image description here

I hope I am not doing something wrong. Can anybody have some idea why this is happening ? Thanks. Bye.

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I just edited my TTCatalog sample app to use my TTDefaultStyleSheet class and I don't have any problems. See cl.ly/75vm Where do you set your Style (in which file) ? Maybe you just have to upgrade to the newest version of Three20. –  audience May 26 '11 at 9:03

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Please see the following Tutorial to help you with implementing TTStyleSheet properly:

Three20 Stylesheets iPhone Tutorial

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