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hey :) ok im looking for a way to create a large number of panels in wxpython and append a hold to them in a list but am not sure how best to do this. for example for i in list: wx.Panel(self, -1, pos, size) #create the panel

somehow store a hold to it e.g

anotherlist.append(a) #where a is the hold to the panel when i say hold i mean say the variable name is x, so x = wx.Panel. i would call x the hold cos x can be used for any manipulation of the widget, e.g x.SetPosition etc.. i was thinking maybe using a class something(wx.Panel) that creates the panel and saves the id of the panel.. problem is having the id i have no idea how to access the widget. say the panels id is -206. how do i do something like widgetid(-206).SetBackgroundColour("RED")

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Some people solve these sorts of things by creating the ids at the beginning of the file:

panelOneId = wx.NewId()
panelTwoId = wx.NewId()

And then doing something like myPanel = wx.FindWindowById(panelOneId). Of course, if all you're doing is setting panel attributes, it might just behoove you to create a helper method like this:

def createPanel(self, sizer, id, bg):
    panel = wx.Panel(self, id=id)

You can also use wx.FindWindowByName, if you've given the panels unique name parameters.

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thank you so much mike wx.FindWindowById is exactly what i was looking for! :) – James Dec 4 '10 at 21:33

A simple solution is to use a dictionary to map ids to panels

panels = {}
for i in range(100):
    id = wx.NewId()
    panels[id] = wx.Panel(parent, id, ...)

You then have access to a list of ids (.keys()), a list of panels (.values()) and a mapping from id to panel.

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it would seem as mike said tho, that wx.FindWindowById() is basically the same and you dont have to create the dictionary anyway as wx.FindWindowById(20) would return the wx.Panel(self, id=20) object... thanks tho answer definitely is usefull – James Dec 4 '10 at 21:33

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