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I'm designing an application in which I'm using jsp pages. Now I need something that indicates which is the current page that is being displayed. Basically, I want a menu that has for every page, on which I place class=”active” on the current page.

How do I do this? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Kickoff example:

<c:set var="currentPage" value="${fn:substring(pageContext.request.servletPath, 1, -1)}" />
    <c:forEach items="${}" var="item">
        <li><a href="${}"${ == currentPage ? ' class="active"' : ''}>${}</li>

This assumes ${} to be a List<Menu>, the Menu to be a bean with properties link and name and the ${} to return pathnames like home.jsp, contact.jsp (or if you're using a controller servlet, home, contact, etc).

The fn:substring() gets rid of the leading slash. The conditional operator ?: in EL only prints the class when the condition is true, else nothing.

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You should get the current URL

<% String URL = request.getRequestURL(); %>

Then in the menu you could set the class="active" on an element if the current URL (or, retrieving the 'current page' from the url) match the menu element (by title, id...) you want to be "active"

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Hm, doesn't seem to work. I hope it helps when I post an example below on how it is now: <c:if test="${role == 'ROLE_EMPLOYEE' }"> <li><a href="calendar.htm?perso=1${roleAtt}"> <img src="<c:url value="/img/calendar-icon.png" />" alt="cal" width="20" height="20" class="icon" /> <spring:message code="menu.Calendar"></spring:message> </a></li> </c:if> – Sofie Van Opstal Dec 3 '10 at 15:36

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