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I would like to know how to highlight matching brackets in cream. The matching bracket only flashes once when I type its pair.

Thanks! --nikita.utiu

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It should work by default.

See :help pi_paren

It is possible it is not displayed when you have your cursor over a } because there is no Highlight group "MatchParen" defined in your color scheme.

To check, type :highlight and check that is a line with MatchParen defined.

If not you can try to change your colorscheme or add the following line in your .vimrc or .gvimrc : :hi MatchParen ctermbg=blue guibg=lightblue

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For me Xavier T.'s method didn't work.

Cream FAQs suggest to create a file called cream-user.vim in your $HOME/.cream directory. And in that file you put

if exists("g:loaded_matchparen")
unlet g:loaded_matchparen
runtime plugin/matchparen.vim

This worked perfectly fine for me.

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