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I'm having to dig into an old VB6 app and I don't have a lot of experience with this language.

Right now I've got a form where the controls are bound to a ADODB.Recordset. So the "DataField" property of the TextBox is set to "MyIntColumnName".

When the textbox is left empty, I would expect a null to be put into the database, but instead I am getting zeros and a foreign key violation. Is there any way to specify the binding so that empty == NULL?

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You might want to check the column in the database: It sounds like it's set to Not Null and a default of 0, which is why, when you don't enter anything, a zero gets submitted.

I don't think changing the binding so that empty==Null will help since you would still get a foreign key violation--your table has a foreign key that depends on a valid value entered.

You're gonna have to either change your table (remove the default and the foreign key)--which may not be the best solution--or change your form field--perhaps to a combo or list value that correlates to the value from the foreign key table.

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Nope, unfortunately the field is NULLable and has no default value. Also, NULL values are no problem on a foreign key field. Maybe that's not the case on certain databases, but it's certainly OK on MS SQL and Oracle. –  Clyde Dec 9 '10 at 17:55

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