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I am loading several images in WPF and from what I have read, it keeps them all in memory.

I was wondering why it is that when I display my image, that there is a red/purple tint?

Has anyone experienced this issue before?

I set up an Image class using the Designer, then I set the Image.Source to my ImageSourceConverter.ConvertFromString("MyFilepath.png")

I also set

Image.Stretch = Stretch.Fill (if that helps)

It seems that some images have a reddish discoloration to them. I cannot figure out why...?


I tried to post images, but stackoverflow's convenient spam prevention said I could not post them because I just joined...

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You could post the images to an image hosting service and then link to them. – Tim Lloyd Dec 3 '10 at 15:30
Have you checked that the red/purple tint you're seeing is real and not just an illusion? You could use some type of color grabber (eyedropper) tool and check the image in real time against a comparison sample, or you could do a screenshot of your application running and open it up in good old Ms Paint. – Cody Gray Dec 3 '10 at 15:55

Is it possible there's a translucent overlay in your XAML causing the discoloration? It could also be an encoding issue... Can you post a sample of your code?

Also, although you can't embed images directly in your post because of your newness, you could upload the image to, for example, and post a link to that image.

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Well, I found that after I changed the images from .png to .jpg, the discoloration was no longer an issue. I am wondering what might have caused this?

I do not think it was the alpha transparency of the .png's, but rather the ImageSourceConverter itself...?

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This was most likely caused by dithering effect. It should go away after you set the following property on your Image element to true:

SnapsToDevicePixels = "True"
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