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I have the following model:

class A{
    Map<String, Integer> tags

class B{
   A a;

I need to find instances of B where its associated A has a certain key value in its tags map

I issue the following HQL Query

FROM B WHERE index(a.tags) = 'the_value'

Unfortunately, this yields to a SQLGrammarException. The query being built has a WHERE clause that ends with:

and tags2_.tags_idx='the_value'

and the exception message is

Column not found: TAGS2_.TAGS_IDX

Unfortunately, the alias tags2_ is not previously declared in the statement, which leads to the exception.

Any ideas?


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2 Answers

Not sure about the absent alias, but I guess you need the following syntax in this case:

FROM B WHERE 'the_value' IN INDICES(a.tags)

See also:

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Can you try something like this?

from B b join b.a a where index(a.tags) = 'the_value'

Or maybe:

from B b where index(b.a.tags) = 'the_value'
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