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I'm new to Windows Phone 7 App Programming, so I hope this question isn't stupid:

(How) can I get and SET the following settings from my Windows Phone 7 Silverlight App or are they protected.

  • Data connection on/off
  • 3G Connection on/off
  • Wifi Connection on/off
  • GPS Connection on/off
  • Bluetooth Connection on/off
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@Fasih, in my Windows Phone Settings it says "Bluetooth" without a dash, plus Google fight says "Bluetooth" is mentioned 10 times as many as "Blue-tooth": googlefight.com/… –  Hinek Dec 5 '10 at 14:07

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The user can change them from the settings menu, but you are unable to do it via the API. That capability is currently locked out.

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Thanks Joe, thats a pity, I hoped to create an app to quickly activate/deactivate connections to save battery :'( –  Hinek Dec 5 '10 at 14:02

You can get them but cannot set.

Data connection


I'm confused about Bluetooth. Maybe someone can narrow it down.

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The user is in exclusive control of these settings as Joe mentions.

Bluetooth capability for now is not exposed through the 3rd party SDK.

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use the ConnectionSettingsTask Launcher to change the settings ...

You can modify Bluetooth , Wifi , Cellular , Airplane mode .

Check the following link


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