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I'm using dtexec to run an SSIS package from the command line. According to this page: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms162810.aspx I should be able to change the location that the package loads design-time configurations from using the /Set parameter. Here is the relevant text:

You can use the /Set option to change the location from which package configurations are loaded. However, you cannot use the /Set option to override a value that was specified by a configuration at design time. To understand how package configurations are applied, see Package Configurations and Behavior Changes to Integration Services Features in SQL Server 2008 R2.

However, I have no idea what the syntax for this is. The only examples I can find online are for using /Set to change variable values. How do I use /Set to specify a different location for my package configurations?


  • The package is a raw file on the file system, it is not installed on a server or in a package store.

  • Similarly, the config file I want to use is also just a plain file in the filesystem.

  • I am aware that I can run my ssis packages in other ways (install it to a server, use SQL agent etc.) but due to operating environment limitations I have to use dtexec on the command line.

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Did you ever find an answer to this? I have the exact same issue and am finding the documentation woefully inadequate and very confusing. – mutex Aug 1 '11 at 0:22

I think you want to use the /Conf[igFile] filespec option to specify the location of your configuration file. The /Set options is used to alter design-time and configuration values for variables, properties, etc. The document in your link shows this example for configuration files:

dtexec /f "c:\pkgOne.dtsx" /conf "c:\pkgOneConfig.cfg"

If you do need to change a variable value at runtime, you could do the following:

dtexec /f "c:\pkgOne.dtsx" /conf "c:\pkgOneConfig.cfg" /SET \package\DataFlowTask.Variables[User::MyVariable].Value;newValue
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I think you're half right. Using /conf works, but only when specifying variables etc. that do NOT appear in the design-time config. See here: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb500430.aspx – David Underwood Dec 3 '10 at 18:50
I wasn't aware of that change from 2005 to 2008. I will fix my answer. – bobs Dec 3 '10 at 19:02

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