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Using Jettison provider.

 public Set getClasses() {
  Set s = new HashSet();
  return s;
  public Set<Object> getSingletons() {
  Set s = new HashSet();
  JettisonJAXBProvider jaxbProvider = new JettisonJAXBProvider();
  return s;

Server Code:

 public Book post(Book inMessage) {
  System.out.println("entered post method");
      Book outMessage = new Book();
      outMessage.setBookName("SHIVA THE GREAT");

      return outMessage;


Client Code:

Resource resource = client.resource("http://localhost:8080/CoeeServer/rest/book");

  Book book = new Book();
        book.setBookName("Shiva the great");

        Book response1  = resource.contentType(MediaType.APPLICATION_XML).accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_XML).post(Book.class,book);

Is this the right way to call? Can anyone has any suggestions.

I am getting the following error.

No found for type {0} and media type {1}. Verify that all entity providers are correctly registered.

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1 Answer 1

I solved my problem . Problem was with jaxb annotations just replaced with @XmlRootElement. This may help other so posting my my solution.

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