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I'm using RedBean PHP for testing purposes and I like it very much, however I have no idea how I can truncate a table. I can fetch all the beans and delete them, but that seems cumbersome.

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In RedBean 1.3 you can use R::wipe($type) to truncate a table.

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RedBean is just an ORM tool (AFAIK) so if your back-end database is SQL based, you can simply do an SQL statement like: TRUNCATE TABLE yourTable;

To execute queries directly via RedBean

The Adapter

The adapter is the class that communicates with the database for RedBean. This adapter makes it possible to execute queries to manipulate the database. To get an instance of this adapter use:

$adapter = $toolbox->getDatabaseAdapter();

from - 1.3 - 2.0

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after getting the adapter, you'd do: $adapter->exec('TRUNCATE TABLE yourtable'); – Erik Dec 3 '10 at 17:58

Wipe a single table like this:


Wipe all tables in an MySQL schema like this:

function CleanAllTables() {
    $tables = R::getCol(' show tables ');
    foreach ($tables as $table) {


TRUNCATE TABLE <table_name>

Executed with the RedBean Adapter

$adapter->exec('TRUNCATE TABLE <table_name>');

this should do the job! :)

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