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I am doing a small app using Windows Azure.

While debugging my app and I wanted to make a request from another computer and I couldn't get to it. Although I can see the IIS webpage.

Looking into netstat I found this:

  TCP             Windows7-VBox:0        LISTENING
  TCP           Windows7-VBox:0        LISTENING
  TCP           Windows7-VBox:0        LISTENING

How can I make Azure bind to instead of

EDIT: Here's a good link with the different options available. Looks like http://www.iis.net/expand/ApplicationRequestRouting is the simple thing to do but I can't manage to get it working.

The rule is up and running but when I hit it from the other computer I just see a browser of files. Any idea?

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No, for security reasons. (WA Simulation Environment runs elevated.)

But if you grab a port forwarder, you can probably rig something up.

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