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I am making a Windows Form in C#. I have a menustrip (File, Edit, Tools, etc.) with the following paths: -File->New->NewItem1 -File->New->NewItem2 -File->New->NewItem3

Anyway, I would like to add shortcut keys to each of these "NewItem"s. I want them to be like some of the hotkeys in Visual Studio where you press a series of keys. For example, to expand/unexpand, you press "Ctrl + M" and then while holding "Ctrl" you press "L"

So basically, I want the user to press "Ctrl + N", then release N, then press another key to indicate which "NewItem" is selected.


this.newToolStripMenuItem.ShortcutKeys = ((System.Windows.Forms.Keys)((System.Windows.Forms.Keys.Control | System.Windows.Forms.Keys.N)));
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possible duplicate of How can I grab a double key stroke in .NET – Hans Passant Dec 3 '10 at 19:45
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I belive you can do that by storing the first shortcut in a class field and when the other shortcut is pressed you use them both.

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