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I'm trying to validade a XML against a W3C XML Schema.

The following code does the job and reports when error occurs. But I'm unable to get line number of the error. It always returns -1.

Is there a easy way to get the line number?


import javax.xml.XMLConstants;
import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder;
import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory;
import javax.xml.transform.Source;
import javax.xml.transform.dom.DOMSource;
import javax.xml.validation.Schema;
import javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory;
import javax.xml.validation.Validator;

import org.w3c.dom.Document;
import org.xml.sax.SAXParseException;

    public class XMLValidation {

        public static void main(String[] args) {

            try {
                DocumentBuilder parser = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance().newDocumentBuilder();
                Document document = parser.parse(new File("myxml.xml"));

                SchemaFactory factory = SchemaFactory.newInstance(XMLConstants.W3C_XML_SCHEMA_NS_URI);
                Source schemaFile = new StreamSource(new File("myschema.xsd"));

                Schema schema = factory.newSchema(schemaFile);

                Validator validator = schema.newValidator();

                validator.validate(new DOMSource(document));

            } catch (SAXParseException e) {

            } catch (Exception e) {
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Mads, that other post relates to C#, not java. – pablosaraiva Dec 3 '10 at 18:00
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I found this

that appears to provide the following details(to include line numbers)

   Public ID: null
   System ID: file:///D:/herong/dictionary_invalid_xsd.xml
   Line number: 7
   Column number: 22
   Message: cvc-datatype-valid.1.2.1: 'yes' is not a valid 'boolean' 

using this code:

 * Copyright (c) 2002 by Dr. Herong Yang. All rights reserved.
import org.xml.sax.XMLReader;
import org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler;
import org.xml.sax.helpers.XMLReaderFactory;
import org.xml.sax.SAXException;
import org.xml.sax.SAXParseException;
class XMLReaderValidator {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      String parserClass = "org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser";
      String validationFeature 
         = "";
      String schemaFeature 
         = "";
      try {
         String x = args[0];
         XMLReader r = XMLReaderFactory.createXMLReader(parserClass);
         r.setErrorHandler(new MyErrorHandler());
      } catch (SAXException e) {
      } catch (IOException e) {
   private static class MyErrorHandler extends DefaultHandler {
      public void warning(SAXParseException e) throws SAXException {
         System.out.println("Warning: "); 
      public void error(SAXParseException e) throws SAXException {
         System.out.println("Error: "); 
      public void fatalError(SAXParseException e) throws SAXException {
         System.out.println("Fattal error: "); 
      private void printInfo(SAXParseException e) {
         System.out.println("   Public ID: "+e.getPublicId());
         System.out.println("   System ID: "+e.getSystemId());
         System.out.println("   Line number: "+e.getLineNumber());
         System.out.println("   Column number: "+e.getColumnNumber());
         System.out.println("   Message: "+e.getMessage());
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Is there any way to get Tag name which got error – Gnana Jun 13 '15 at 22:45
thanks for your answer, but where should I put the XSD file? – Boli-CS Sep 1 '15 at 7:32

Try using a SAXLocator Parsers are not required to supply one, but if they do it should report line numbers

I think your code should include:

 // this will be called when XML-parser starts reading
    // XML-data; here we save reference to current position in XML:
    public void setDocumentLocator(Locator locator) {
        this.locator = locator;


The parser will give you a locator which you can then use to get the line number. It's probably worth printing/debugging when this happens to see if you have a valid locator

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I saw that Locator interface, but I was unable to relate the Locator and the Validator. The problem remains unsolved here. – pablosaraiva Dec 3 '10 at 18:02
You will probbaly have to set the Locator. Here is an example. I can't guarantee it will work. If the locator does work you could set it on every sax event and read the latest successful event – peter.murray.rust Dec 3 '10 at 18:09

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