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I have the following in my controller for Attachment

  def upload

    @attachment = => params[:attachment][:attachment], :user_id =>, :project_id => params[:space_id])

What I'd like from CanCan is to only allow users to upload to a project_id they belong to. I confirmed the controller is getting the correct info, no nils

Here is my cancan:

can :upload, Attachment do |attachment| 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- include CanCan::Ability - ATTACHMENT' attachment.inspect attachment.project


Problem here, is that attachment. is nil, and attachment.project is nil? How do you solve for this issue with CanCan so I can make sure only project teammembers can upload attachments to the project?

Thank you

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I think the best approach it to do it at a lower level with the authorize! method that the Controller action.

So ...


#Will remove it from cancan
load_and_authorize_resource :except => [:upload]

def upload
 @attachment = => params[:attachment][:attachment], :user_id =>, :project_id => params[:space_id])
  #add the authorize logic explicitly here when you have the attachment model populated
  authorize! :upload, @attachment

Let me know if that works for you.

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For example if you want to allow create events for current loop only:

You use in the view

link.... if can? :create,

and then in controller

skip_authorize_resource only: [:new, :create]


def new
   @event.loop_id =
   authorize! :create, @event

#similar for create action
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