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I am very new to openlayers, I want to make some countries already selected (with some color filled on the selected areas) when i open my page. I am using the GML layer with kml file as input. But still it doesn't seems like a perfect solutions to me. I am assuming i already have kml file which contains the boundary coordinates. Can some one help me to find this solution? if this is not the correct way please suggest me. I highly appreciate for any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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I'm looking for a similar solution. – MikeNGarrett Jan 13 '11 at 7:36
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if you have geodjango and country data on your database you can do this as below :


clickedPoint = Point(x,y,srid = 4326)
whichCountry = CountryPolyon.objects.filter(the_geom__contains = clickedPoint)

then you can take geojson and u can add your map the country polygon. the last thing you must do is add the code of remove first polygon


it may be a long way but usefull way...hope you like it

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This example select some areas on mouse over. Maybe looking the source you can change the behaviour to select some areas on load the map.

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