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Does a way to interoperate in C# and Python exist?

I know and have used IronPython (obviously, it became really sweet with the dynamic keyword), and it allows to interpret Python scripts inside a C# application.

But I want this Python script to access C# classes and methods. I know, for example, this can be implemented using boost::python and C++, but how should I (if it's possible) do it with C#?


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IronPython should be able to use C# classes as they're all .NET – Blam Dec 3 '10 at 21:55
possible duplicate of How to use a C# dll in IronPython – Daniel Earwicker Dec 3 '10 at 21:55

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Well you could compile your C# code to a DLL using csc and use ctypes to access the DLL from your script but if you can use IronPython, then that's the route I'd go with.

Using C# modules from IronPython is as simple as a call to clr.AddReference. For example, here's a script to make your computer talk to you (taken from the IronPython Cookbook)

import clr
from System.Speech.Synthesis import SpeechSynthesizer

spk = SpeechSynthesizer()
spk.Speak('Hello world!')
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