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I need to host a JRuby on Rails app on Mongrel. The problem is that I need to support mutual authentication. I know that I could just host it behind a Apache with mod_proxy use mod_ssl to pass the cred or part of the cred as a request header to rails. But I want the whole stack to be Java. Is there a Java application server that can do mod_proxy + ssl kind of configuration without me having to install Apache. Also, we need this to be platform independent. IIS or Apache+OpenSSL is actually not a preferred alternative.

Any alternative deployment configurations are also welcome.

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I'd actually recommend using either jetty or glassfish for deploying your app. You can run mongrel in JRuby, but it's very slow and no longer actively maintained. I definitely wouldn't use it for a production enviroment (in JRuby at least). I find jetty to be more lightweight, both suppport SSL (Jetty, Glassfish).

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