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In my old job I used XMLSpy to do my XML authoring and editing, but now I require a free plugin for Eclipse to do this. My basic requirements are:

- General XML document editing
- Creating XSD files
- Creating WSDL files

Can you recommend a free Eclipse plugin for this?

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just discovered my personal favorite, Rinzo XML editor, a free and open source XML editor plugin (and XSD/DTD generator, even integrates with JDT), which is still actively developed: editorxml.sourceforge.net –  Gregor Feb 13 '13 at 17:21

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In the free department, WTP (Web Tools Platform) (in its latest version) does include a lot of features,
including schema creation/modification.

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Web Tool Plateform has editors for XML, XSD and WSDL ; for all there is a "source" mode (text editor with some features like coloration...) and "design" mode (graphical) but I never use the second... –  Vinze Jan 12 '09 at 12:38

There's an official Eclipse plugin for editing XMLs. It is part of the Eclipse WebTools project. You can install it from the update site at http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/updates.

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Hope this will help you!

XML Eclipse Editor & XMLBuddy

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This plugin is old and link to the homepage was broken, where I can find correct version of this plugin? –  jitm May 31 '10 at 7:14
Here it is - download.cnet.com/XMLBuddy/3000-7241_4-10422909.html –  Secko May 31 '10 at 10:57

I have positive experience with tiny xmlbuddy plugin for editing xml documents in eclipse (plain and xsd/dtd based). Possible it will be useful for you as well. It's a bit old, but works well in recent versions of eclipse (3.x). List of it's features.

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To write XML/XSL files you can use oxygenxml

Or the free version of editix

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You could try writing them by hand! WSDLs seem a bit intimidating at first, but are actually fairly simple as long as you are comfortable with XML.

I have written a tutorial on writing WSDLs and would love feedback:

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