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My Rails app displays the surfing conditions for a surfspot. It takes info such as wind,tide,wave etc. from the Area model and is used in the SurfSpot model to calculate if a Spot has surf , and if the spot has the right wind dir etc. An Area has multiple spots which all reference the Area's one set of wind wave tide data

I also have a list of forecast data, which is the future values for an Areas wind ,wave,tide etc.

I have the following view in Rails which shows the current conditions and then loops through the forecast data and prints rows of future conditions.

My issue is I'm having to change the Area attributes in the view to get the spot methods to display the future values. It all seems very messy to me , as there a way to have all this set before I go into the view ? Are my models wrong ?

   <table class="listing" summary="Forecast for Spot /Area">
    <tr class="header">
        <th>Swell heading </th>
        <th>Swell heigth </th>
        <th>Wind from </th>
        <th>Wind speed </th>
        <th>Tide </th>
        <th>Beach Has Swell ? </th>
        <th>Wind is Offshore ? </th>
        <% @forecasts.each do |forecast| -%>
        <% @area.winddir = forecast.winddir %>    <--these bits are upsetting me
        <% @area.swelldir = forecast.swelldir %>  <--
        <td><%= forecast.forecastdate %> </td>
        <td><%= forecast.swelldir %> </td>
        <td><%= forecast.swellhgt %> </td>
        <td><%= forecast.winddir %> </td>
        <td><%= forecast.windspd %> </td>
        <td><%= forecast.tide %> </td>
        <td><%= @spot.has_swell %> </td>
        <td><%= @spot.has_offshore %> </td>
        <% end -%> 

This is the same problems as I asked in this - but put a diffent way OOP programming method question

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You shouldn't be changing data in the view, as that's the responsibility of the controller. I also don't see where @area is displayed here. – tadman Dec 4 '10 at 6:10
Sorry Area is not displayed in the view but the spot methods are and use values from Area to calculate has_swel has_offshore – AndyM Dec 4 '10 at 15:47
I changed the models so I don't have this issue now – AndyM Dec 8 '10 at 11:36

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