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I am searching now for a while for a replacement for Qt-Creater for non Qt programming work. Unfortunatly I really got used to the great auto-complete function of it, which I so far did not find in any other leightweight open source editor. (Qt-Creater does not only enable auto-completion of keywords, but shows all possible functions, member vars, defines, ... in a key-up key-down selectable menulist)

So far I tried Editra, Redcar, gedit, scribes, codelite, geany, SciTE. Most of them just got a very simple version of code completion, which won't show me the arguments of a function, but just put the rest of the word into it (most of the time the first match of a list of possible items cvm::r* could be cvm::rmatrix but also cvm::rvector). I am neither the emacs nor vim "patriot". Eclipse would fit, except for it being a total overkill (for me, at least atm).

So my question: Is there a text editor which supports Code-highlighting and code-completion (in a smart manner)? (Preferably under GPLv2/GPLv3/LGPL/MIT/...)

Edit: target is Linux (exclusivly)


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Use Notepad++, free!! It can understand and highlight all languages, MATLAB, Python, C++, C, etc... choose your language from the "Language" pulldown menu. :)

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I recommend Eclipse. It does highlighting and code completion. On the download page choose "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers."

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I did that once, and when I did that, I knew I would never do it again. I need no fully fledged IDE just a simple editor with some extras. – drahnr Dec 4 '10 at 1:52

I personally prefer Visual Studio to Eclipse/CDT for C++ work. C++ is an impossible language to parse and I feel VC++ does a better job than any other editor.

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