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I am creating a COM server using C++ Builder XE. Its ProgID is always 'PROGRAMNAME.CLASSNAME'.

How do I change the ProgID? I want to use 'COMPANYNAME.PROGRAMNAME.FUNCTIONALITY'.

A Delphi answer would probably suffice.

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Override the GetProgID method of the factory. Something along the lines of the following should do:

template <typename T>
class TMyCppComObjectFactory : public TCppComObjectFactory<T>
  System::UnicodeString __fastcall GetProgID()
    return "Company.ProgName.Functionality";
  __fastcall TMyCppComObjectFactory(Comobj::TComServerObject* ComServer,
          Comobj::TComClass ComClass,
          const GUID &ClassID,
          const System::String ClassName,
          const System::String Description,
          Comobj::TClassInstancing Instancing,
          Comobj::TThreadingModel ThreadingModel) :
       TCppComObjectFactory<T>(ComServer, ComClass, ClassID,
                               ClassName, Description,
                               Instancing, ThreadingModel)

Then have the createFactory() of the COM Server use the derived factory.



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Thanks, will test in the next while and mark answer as correct if it works. –  Gregor Brandt Jan 6 '11 at 22:21

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