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I have a datalist, and on the ItemTemplate, I do this for example:

<%#Eval ("MinAge") %>

Where MinAge is a Int. I also have a MaxAge that is also an int.

Quesiton is, how do i change it so that i could do something like:

if (MaxAge == 99)
  MinAge + "+"
  MinAge + "-" + MaxAge

so that if we have minage=18,maxage=99 it will be 18+ if we have minage=18,maxage=20 it will be 18 - 20

the thing is it gets complicated for me because i try to change int to string, so what is the proper way of doing it?

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In your codebehind do...

protected string GetAgeRange(object minAge, object maxAge)
   var min = (int)minAge;
   var max = (int)maxAge;

   if (max >= 99)
      return min + "+";

   return min + " - " + max;

Then replace your

<%# Eval("MinAge") %>


<%= GetAgeRange(Eval("MinAge"), Eval("MaxAge")) %>

Note the use of = instead of #.

You'll want some more error checking in GetAgeRange but the general idea should be what you need.

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