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I would like to track how much time is spent in GC and how much memory has been collected, but not by analysing GC logs (ie. analyzing what I got from -XX:+PrintGCWhatever).

I found that I can use Sun's ManagementFactory to get a GarbageCollectorMXBean that can give me some GCInfo object containing memory information but I have no guarantee I can collect all GC through this mean.

Does anybody know of a way to do this in code?

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Given the range of tools to obtain this information, you are better off using those to analysis your GC behaviour and to optimise for it. e.g. using a memory profiler.

The problem you have is that the information isn't very useful unless it points to a solution to a problem. (Which you can then fix)

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I disagree. As a matter of course, I collect GC stats from within my server apps (which tend to be latency-sensitive so GC is a big deal.) This alerts to the fact that there is a problem, for example when the use pattern changes. Figuring out and fixing the problem of course then calls for different tools. – NPE Dec 4 '10 at 9:09
What I am trying to achieve is something I use from within Java in order to reduce complexity of setup/parsing/analysis. jstat and friends are great, and there exist a lot of 3rd party tools (most of which I am not aware of) that are great, but using it means launching a process, analyze some output. Given all the information comes from the JVM I am running in, one might think there is a way to access this information from within the JVM. – insitu Dec 4 '10 at 10:00

GarbageCollectorMXBean is the best I've been able to find on the Sun JVM. In my experience, it actually comes pretty close to what you're asking for.

I imagine you could have a dedicated thread that would wake up from time to time to get the GC stats. This would add some determinism to when the stats are collected.

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That's what I found myself. But I am not sure of GCMXbean's behaviour. The doc for getGCInfo() tells it "returns the most recent GCInfo", but not that it returns all GCInfo. This may be the case and before trying to figure this out myself, I would be interested in knowing if anyone knows the answer. – insitu Dec 4 '10 at 9:50
BTW, I found this link… that comes pretty close to what I am looking for, but not exactly. – insitu Dec 4 '10 at 9:52

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