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I need to send multibyte char to a socket after appending '\n' but what I have is a const wchar_t*. How can I convert it?

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If your question is how to actually manipulate the contents of a constant, then consider const_cast.

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Appending an '\n' to a const wchar_t* string means you have to make a copy of the original string. Read this MS docs on how to use swprintf for that:


If your problem is the conversion, the WideCharToMultiByte Function is your friend:


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You don't need to use direct newline characters to do this:

const wchar_t* original(L"original value");
std::wostringstream streamVal;
streamVal << original << std::endl;
const std::wstring modified(streamVal.str());

Going through a _bstr_t seems a pain but allows you to do the wide char to multibyte conversion pretty easily (small code). Include comsuppw.lib in the list of libraries in your project.

#include "comutil.h"

_bstr_t bstrVal(modified.c_str());
const char* multibytes((const char*)bstrVal);

std::cout << multibytes;            // includes newline
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