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I have a lot of txt files like this:

Title 1
Text 1

And I would like to make one csv file from all of them that it will look like this:

Title 1,Text 1
Title 2,Text 2
Title 3,Text 3

How could I do it using awk?

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Possible duplicate of Making csv from txt files. Please edit your original question to clarify it. –  Dennis Williamson Dec 4 '10 at 15:41

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Without knowing any more detail, the following answers look like good options:

awk '{printf "%s,", $0; getline; print}'
# every second line gets merged with the previous line


awk \
  $0 ~ /^Title/ {printf "\n"}
  {printf "%s,", $0}
# every line that starts with Title starts
# a newline and the rest is merged into one
# long line separated by commas.
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