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I was wondering if foreach() works when the array looks like this:

  • arr_name[eggs] = something
  • arr_name[pencil] = something else

Will foreach work if run as:

foreach(arr_name as $key => $value)

for they keys that have a non-numerical value ?

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really was it really that hard to try it out? instead of asking here in stackoverflow? – Breezer Dec 4 '10 at 9:59
Yes - I could have found out on my own, but searching didn't give me good enough results. So it would have taken more time than it has to for such a simple question. Also, people will find the answer here in the future, so I don't see the problem. – DreamWave Dec 4 '10 at 10:11
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Yes, foreach supports any kind of key. In your case, $key will be a string, 'eggs' and 'pencil' respectively for each item. In fact, foreach was intended for use with arrays that have non-numerical keys which you can't easily iterate using for.

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Yes, PHP has no real distinction between arrays with numeric vs non-numeric keys. They're all simply arrays as far as PHP is concerned.

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Yes the explanation given by BoltClock is right & i would suggest you to manually try too. You have missed $before array name in the foreach statement

foreach($arr_name as $key=>$value) echo $value ?>

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