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I have a pom.xml with defined property module.basedir that is intended to contain transformed basedir property. It is defined as follows:


And I have following code that is executed using mgroovy plugin:


Later I use this property in other plugins. This works fine until I move plugin definitions into maven profile. And when maven profile is activated mgroovy plugin works fine, but when I access property in the next plugin I get unmodified value.

This is how I access this property:


It looks like that when profile is executed it creates own copies of properties defined in project and they are used when referenced from plugins.

Any suggestions?

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String path = '\\a\\b\\c'
assert path.replaceAll('\\\\', '/') == '/a/b/c'

So you need to replace this line:['module.basedir']['module.basedir'].replace('\\','/');


The reason you need 4 backslashes, is because each of the double-backslashes in the source String (path in my example) must be escaped.

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This is not the case, I can see string changed in the output. The point is that when I write print ${module.basedir} I still get original value. – Igor Nikolaev Dec 7 '10 at 6:55

I faced with the same problem using gmaven-plugin on windows to create EJB module description. I'm not a savvy in Groovy, but this approach works for me:

def basedir =['module.basedir'].replace('\\','/')
def md = (basedir + "/target/module.xml" as File)
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