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I have used SVCUtil to generate a proxy interface class, the WSDL file is based on output from Enterprise Architect 8.0.863.

I create a simple WCF service in Visual Web Developer 2010

When I start the output I get is "Client configuration does not match name in service contract".

In the WSDL, in the binding section I have this tag: "soap:operation style="document"

If I do remove this line, and generate the proxy/interface for the WCF application, I will get wrappers and the WCF test client do proceed as expected as the wrappers are there.

I have tried to use svcutil with /wrappers but this not change. Only removing this line do add wrappers to my code when using svcutil.

What is wrong, the svcutil version is 3.0.4506.2152 from the commandline, (or SDK 7.0a).

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